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The #1 Mistake That Most Beginners Make…

Let's get honest for a moment:

If you’re like most beginner data science professionals, you must’ve gone through this journey so far…

You started learning Data Science or Artificial Intelligence for a college course or through Youtube videos out of curiosity

And have developed a basic temperament of what Data Science is all about.

Chances are you might’ve also gone through some course of platforms like Udemy, Coursera, or at least some book on Data Science…

And now you are looking to build a career for yourself in the field of Data Science, AI, or Machine Learning.

But there’s one huge, looming problem…

All these free and paid courses on these platforms, the Youtube videos, or even the books provide you with information in small and tiny tidbits,

And preparing for interviews with such information feels more like a blindfolded shot where you are hoping to hit jackpot on your first try

You know what I’m talking about, right?

However, truth be,

There are thousands of students and working professionals that getting high-paying jobs from top tech companies globally…sometimes right out of college

And there is an evident skill gap & hence a pay gap between them and you…

The reason this is so is because, they’ve become what we call as:

Highly Sought-After Data Science Professionals

The ones that top tech companies and MNCs are happy paying exceedingly high salaries for the combinations’ of skill sets they bring to the table…

And maybe you do have a comparable skillset and its just that you aren’t able to channel it to become a sought-after professional

So, in order to help people like you overcome all these obstacles and become a highly sought-after data science professional,

We created the Master Data Science BootCamp.

A step-by-step self-paced training program in data science, specifically designed to help you master data science and become a sought-after data science professional that top tech firms and MNCs are looking to hire.

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This course contains a total of 6 all-important topics:

Module 1: Data Science Introduction

Sub Modules - 3 | Time - 13 Hours 23 Mins

> Data Science Introduction.

> Data Science Modules.

> Application of Data Science across multiple Industries.

> Career Opportunities in Data Science

> Scope of Data Science across different Business Domains

> How Data Science used in ERP and CRM?

> How Data Science used in HR and Operational Management?

> How Data Science Used in Supply Chain Management?

> How Data Science Used in Logistics?

> Data Collection Methods and Data Cleaning

> Data Processing Process

> EDA – Exploratory Data Analysis

> Machine Learning and Data Visualisation

> Building the automated Model

Module 2: Python essential for Data Science

Sub Modules - 13 | Time - 12 Hours

> Python Introduction

> Python IDE – Spyder, Jupiter and Notebook

> Numpy Packages

> Pandas Packages

> Matplotlib Packages

> Scipy Packages

> Sklearn Packages

> Variable Declaration

> String Declaration

> Tuple Declaration

> Python Programming

> Dictionary Declaration

> List Declaration

> Set Declaration

> Python Data Types

> Declaration of Array

> Universal Function of Numpy

> Binary Functions of Numpy

> Logical Functions of Numpy

> Statistical Functions of Numpy

> Pandas Packages

> Accessing File Processing

> Merging the Dataframe

> Joins – Inner,Outer,Left and Right

> handling the Null values

> Handling the Duplicates

> Introduction to matplolib packages

> Representation of Line Graph

> Representation of Multi Line Graph

> Including the Legends

> Representation of Histogram

> Representation of Scatter Diagram

> Representation of Box Plot

> Representation of Bar Graph

> Representation of Area Chart

> Representation of Dual Axis

> Array Shapping Using Numpy Package

> Reverse Matrix Analysis using Numpy Package

> Python Operators – Addition, Subtration and Multiplication

> Boolean Operators Execution

> String Manupulation

> Execution of IF Loop, IF-ELSE Loop

> Execution of For Loop

> Execution of While Loop

> Execution of IF-ELSE-ELSEIF Loop

> Handling Missing Values

> Handling Duplicates Values

> Handling Data Preparation Process

> Python – Funtions with Arguments

> Python – Funtions without Arguments

> Python – Functions with Arbitary Arguments

> Python – Functions with Keyword Arguments

> Python – Data Collection Methods

> Primary and Secondary Sources of Data

> File Processing using Python

Module 3: Statistical concepts in for Data Science

Sub Modules - 5 | Time - 6 Hours

> Undertand difference between Population vs Sample

> Importance of statistical concepts in data science

> Importance of statistical concepts in ML models

> Know the foundation principal in statistics – Central Limit Theorem

> Understand the importance of Mean, Medium

> Understand the importance of Mode of a variable

> Understand the importance of Variance of a variable

> Understand the importance of Standard Deviation of a variable

> Application of central tendencies for data analysis

> Application of Measures of Spread for data analysis

> Application of Central Limit Theorem for data analysis.

> Different Types of Measuring Scales

> Importance of Nominal Scales

> Importance of Ordinal Scales

> Importance of Interval Scales

> Importance of Ratio Scales

> Usage of correlation for data analysis

> Usage of regression concepts for data analysis

Module 4: Advanced Statistical concepts for Data Science

Sub Modules - 6 | Time - 8 Hours

> Formulation of Hypothesis

> Selection of Statistical Test

> Level of Significance and Degree of Freedom

> Computing the Calculated Values

> Computing the Table Values

> Comparing Calculated and Table Values

> Hypothesis Conclusion

> Learn to perform T-test to measure the variance between the means of two samples or population

> Learn to perform Z-test to measure the variance between the means of two samples or population

> Learn to perform Chi Square-test to measure the variance between the means of two samples or population

> Wilcoxson Sign Test and Friedman Test

> MannWhitney Test and Krushkal Wallis Test

> One Sample T-Test

> 2-Sample Paired T test

> 2-Sample Independent T test

> Introduction to ANOVA

> What is One Way ANOVA?

> What is Two way ANOVA?

> What is Multi way ANOVA?

> What is ANCOVA?

> Difference between ANOVA and ANCOVA?

> Introduction to probability

> Types of events

> Marginal Probability

> Baye’s Theorem

> Introduction to Probability Distribution

> Binomial Probability

> Possion Probability Distribution

> Hypergeometric Probability Distribution

> Uniform Probability Distribution

> Normal Probability Distribution

> Exponential Probability Distribution

Module 5: Machine Learning Algorithms

Sub Modules - 9 | Time - 11 Hours

> Linear Predictive Analysis

> Implementation of Predictive Analysis Using Python

> What is Multiple Predictive Model?

> Building the Multiple Predictive Model using Python

> Assumption of Multiple Predictive Model

> AutoCorrelation,MultiColliniearity and Hetrosadacity

> How Simple Predictive Model used in real time application

> How Multiple Predictive Model used in Real Time Application


> Simple Predictive Model used in Real Time Industry

> Multiple Predictive Model used in Real Time Industry

> Comparing Simple and Multiple Predictive Model using Python

> What is Correlation Analysis?

> Correlation Coefficient and Hypothesis Testing

> Product Movement Correlation, Partial Correlation and Non Metric Co-relation

> Introduction to Classification Model

> Framming Single and Multiple Predictor Model

> Application of Classification Model

> Introduction to Discriminant Analysis

> Two Group Discriminant Analysis

> Three Group Discriminant Analysis

> Multiple Group Discriminant Analysis

> Application of Discriminant Analysis

> Introduction to Association Rule

> What is Apriori Algorithm?

> How Apriori Algorithm used to Build to Recommendation System?

> What is MBA(Market Basket Analysis)?

> Application of MBA in Retail and Telecom Sectors

> How MBA helps to Build the Recommendation System?


Module 6: Artificial Intelligence

Sub Modules - 5 | Time - 6 Hours

> Image Processing and Image Extraction

> Image-Histogram and Contrast Measures

> Image Processing and Object Regognition

> Viola Jones Algorithm – Face Regognition

> Introduction to Time Series Analysis

> Trend Line Analysis, Pattern Identification

> Time Series Smothening Methods

> Time Series Prediction Analysis

> Differnece between AI and Machine Learning

> Differnece between Machine Learning and Deep Learning

> Differnece between Machine Learning and Data Science

> Differnece between Machine Learning and Deep Learning

> Data Architecture Design and Data Warehousing

> Schema Design – Star Schema, Snow Flake Schema and Fact Concelltation

> Master Data Management(MDM)

Course Summarisation

> Data Science and it’s Modules

> Prediction and Classification Algorithm

> Application of Data Science

Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Dinesh Babu

Ph.D. Bits Pilani

With over 12+ years of working experience as a Data Modeler and Data Analyst, Dr. Dinesh Babu has been at the forefront of Data Science developments and progress in India.

With high proficiency in Requirement Gathering and Data Modeling, and working actively as a leader in the field of OLTP, Data Warehousing, OLAP, and ETL Environment Dr. Dinesh has helped hundreds and thousands of young minds with quick adaptability to new technologies.

Apart from his core competency, Dr. Dinesh is also an expert in Business Intelligence Solutions in Data warehousing / Decision Support Systems using ETL tools Informatica, OLAP, OLTP, and Data Warehouse Reports using Business Objects, Crystal Reports.

With this course, he and the whole Unicliff team want to help maximum possible learners get the most comprehensive and industry-specific knowledge at the most affordable price point so that they can ignite their careers and excel in the field.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does lifetime sound for a deal? Once you pay, you have full access to all the course content, open to study at your convenience. More importantly, you get lifetime access to our community and network of professionals that will expose you to some of the best opportunities for work and internships in India.

Professional support expert engineers are always available to address all your questions or concerns. Plus we have a close-knit community to help you through your journey.

Learners will work on one project that gets designed by working professionals and is a  replica of the problems they’re currently addressing working in the industry.

A basic level of interest and keen dedication is all that you need to complete this course and successfully become a sought-after data science professional.

The program is a self-paced learning course that one can complete at the flexibility of their schedule. However, you can expect to complete the course in _____ weeks if you dedicate 2-3 hours daily.

Dr. Dinesh Babu will be your Mentor and Trainer

Data Science is currently one of the highest-paying careers in India and the average salary is about INR 10 LPA.

Although we don’t guarantee placement at this course (which is unheard of at this price point), we do connect learners with various internship opportunities and do provide some placement opportunities through our network of professionals.

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